Ayung River White Water Rafting

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2 hours thrilling experience, paddling through the rapids of Ayung river, while enjoying the stunning scenery of the jungle, waterfalls and canyons that surround the river.

The Ayung River white water rafting adventure will starts by given a safety briefing and fitted with your rafting gear, including a life jacket and helmet. You will then board a raft with a certified guide and begin your journey down the river.

The adventure takes about two hours and covers a distance of approximately 10 kilometers. Along the way, you will encounter challenging rapids and calm stretches of water, providing an exciting and varied experience. The river is also home to a variety of wildlife, including monkeys and birds which you may spot during the journey.

After the rafting adventure, you will be provided with a shower facilities with towel. A buffet lunch will also be served, offering a variety of Indonesian dishes to refuel your energy after the adventure.

Ayung River white water rafting Bali is an excellent way to experience Bali’s natural beauty and enjoy an adrenaline-pumping adventure activity. It’s suitable for people of all ages and skill levels, and the knowledgeable guides will ensure that you have a safe and had memorable experience.


$ 35

per person
minimum booking 2 person & get special offers free return transfer for Ubud area


Frequently Asked Question?

We available everyday. You can come anytime between 09.00am to 01.00pm for last time start.

Change clothes, sun screen

It is recommended to wear comfortable and light clothes, such as shorts and t-shirts, and sturdy footwear with straps or flip flops. We provide a helmet and life jacket.

Ayung River has rapids ranging from class II to class III, making it suitable for both beginner and experienced rafters.

Yes, children aged 7 years and above can participate in rafting on Ayung River.

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